ENGIE garden

300 employees100m²

Skyfarms has set up an urban garden at ENGIE Tower in Brussels. A team of ENGIE staff volunteers work in the garden once a week. They are coached by Skyfarms on how to grow more than 20 kinds of organic fruit, vegetables and flower. 50% of the harvest is shared among the volunteers en 50% is giving to Startpunt Vluchtelingen Vlaanderen, a local association. This project has two objectives : to use the forgotten space at enge headquarters to create an edible garden where ENGIE Tower staff can get together, relax and learn more about responsible consumption in a fun, original way. The garden is also an ideal feeding ground for the bees already living on the roof.

Mathieu Vandenbroecke

Sustainability & Environmental manager

Engie places its social responsibility at the heart of its preoccupations. Our collaboration with Skyfarms illustrates and reinforces our commitment for the environment. The vegetable garden contributes to the well-being of our staff.

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